5 Days, 5 Ways: Dianna Agron’s Crushing It in Velvet

Celeb wardrobes are making that winter to spring transition.

It’s still a bit chilly out (especially when speaking of our famous friends in places like Paris and NYC), so stars haven’t yet shed their layers. One tweak to their wintry ensembles will have them ready for the coming (warmer) months in no time. Here’s what we mean.

Rita Ora‘s Paris outfit is adorably cold-weather friendly, but strip away her bright beanie and thigh-highs, then pair her Jovonna London dress with a set of shorter ankle books and instantly she’s ready for those rising temps!

ESC: 5 Days, Elena Perminova

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Influencer Elena Perminova is sporting a rather springy outfit. Unlike Rita, she’s showing you a style tip you should actually use coming into these upcoming months. If you’re hesitant to ditch your outerwear just yet, then you’re in the market for a cropped leather jacket. It won’t overwhelm your look and you won’t overheat—it’s a win-win.

How hard is Dianna Agron crushing it in this velvet number? Pun intended. Her mules and pleated skirt are perfect for spring, but that oversized Miu Miu bomber’s got to go (even though we love it). Once the jacket’s ditched then the purple garments will have some time in the sun.

Keri Russell‘s style tip is something we saw all over the spring ’17 runways: cute socks worn with heels. To fully transition this outfit out of cold-weather status, she’ll have to swap her turtleneck for something lighter like a plain white tee. Once she does that, her flirty Prada skirt and sock-shoe combo will be right at home in April.

Victoria Beckham‘s clearly been listening to our advice on spring bag trends as she’s sporting one shapely purse under her arm. All the fashion designer should do to get this look ready is brighten up her colors! Take those muted burgundy-brown tones and take them up to a red or soft pink.

One tweak, that’s all it takes.

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